Photographer holding camera and laptop

The story of HNP

Hi! I'm Hailey, the gal behind the camera and screen! I'm a Minneapolis based portrait photographer who is passionate about documenting life's precious moments, from couples & weddings to seniors & family portraits, and everything in between!

My love for photography goes back as long as I can remember. One of my earliest memories is of the inside of a film camera and I knew even back then that this is what I wanted to do. I’ve been a photographer for the better part of a decade and shooting weddings, families, & seniors much of that time! I'm constantly inspired by all of the different people I get to meet and truly enjoy capturing people as they are at such monumental milestones in life.

In my free time I love being outside, exploring new places with my husband Jake, whom gets to second shoot most weddings with me! We love finding new parks with our dog Goose who is a German Shorthair and we will soon embark on traveling a long distance with him for the first time. I also love checking out a new coffee shops, or getting in some vintage shopping with friends. Despite doing photography as a job I still really enjoy capturing pictures of my life and those around me.

I've found what drives me the most in this industry is my passion for documenting life with photos that will be cherished for decades and generations to come. One of my favorite things is looking through old photos from my parents, grandparents and even great grandparents and seeing what life looked like for them when they were my age. It's so special to see photos from a grandparents wedding! This is a big part of why I do what I do. I'm passionate about your photos not only for you but for the future generations that will get to know you through the photos you leave behind some day. I'm truly grateful to document such monumental and personal moments in so many peoples lives and especially love getting to document people as they change and grow their families throughout the years. I put great weight on your trust in me and don't take what I do lightly. Thank you for being apart of this little family over here!

That's the Hailey in Hailey Nelson Photography but let me introduce you to another part of HNP

Meet Jake!

Jake is the other half of HNP! Jake is a photographer, videographer, drummer AND graphic designer! When he's not running social media for a Minneapolis craft brewery amongst all of his other passions he's coming along to sessions to get behind the scenes photos and videos and shooting weddings with me! It is the best having my husband be the photographer I get to bring along for weddings because we work so great together! I always know my clients are in great hands when he's the other half of the photo coverage. I'm going to let Jake tell you a bit about himself!

Hi everyone my name is Jake Dixon and I am a photographer, videographer, graphic designer, drummer, and coffee snob. I have always had a passion for capturing special moments, and being able to do so for weddings is truly an honor. Working alongside my wife is one of the greatest joys of my career, as we make such a great team.

In addition to my photography skills, I am also a drummer and enjoy playing music whenever I get the chance. I am also a lover of third wave coffee and take pride in brewing the perfect cup! When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with our dog, Goose. We love playing fetch and checking out new parks together.

Creating something that others will cherish forever is a great honor, and I am grateful for the opportunity to do so through my work as a wedding photographer!